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I have sold tens and thousands of publications. I have reached over a million people through
the art of poetry and writing. I write in ten different genres. I am a performance poet. I have been acknowledged by Senators. Grammy award winners, Emmy award winners and by Poetry scholars, including a winner of the Pulitzer prize. This was all accomplished sans Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and Tyler Perry. We have never been endorsed by the publishing world, nor by Harvard, Oxford or Yale. We just toss our poetry to the wind and celebrate its flight. Still the greatest honor of all will always be the one that comes next.
 I am honored to be a Keynote Poet.

                                                     M.e. Miller

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  And Sometimes Y
(A You Can Solve Mystery) By M.e. Miller

Have you even been to Beaver Falls?

Where fish flip flop

Have you ever been to Beaver Falls
Where fish flip flop In water falls

And squirrels pit stop

In sequoias tall

Where Redbirds play with Wrens

Where time never end...

As close as you can get to Utopia

Where people go to forget their phobias

And Larks play with Meadowlarks

And every front yard is a park

And  Butterflies

flirt with Dragonflies

While fire flies mesmerize

Sleepy silver skies

The Post office on 12th and J

And Beaver Elementary sits a block away.

The supermarket on 12th and L

And The Fire station

With the Dalmatian

Runs parallel.

     To see the falls at night

Just make a right

On 14th and Long

In such a place

What could ever go wrong?

               1980  August         
     Oregon Board of Parole   


“Mr. Stanton, you have lived a life

Of criminal notoriety.

You have been a blemish on this society.

You have wreaked havoc and despair

Why should this Parole board even care?

 The last twenty years you lost

Still doesn’t pay for the tears you cost.

You have committed life’s filthiest sin

And of this you should never be guilty again."

“Dear board I have had twenty years to regret my errors

Never again will I bring children pain or terror."

   A week later

We the Oregon State Department of Corrections

Hereby reluctantly grant you parole

But if you ever harm another child, Mr. Stanton

MayGod have mercy on your twisted soul.

Mr. Stanton, you are hereby eligible

A conditional release

You are indebted to this State

And never again break our peace.

                 February, 1981                  
Beaver Elementary School

What do you mean

My daughter didn’t attend school?

There has to be a mistake.

She got on the bus this morning

The Driver saw her for Christ Sake

“Calm down, Ma’am

There’s no reason to shout

Maybe her father checked her out”

“That’s not possible he’s not even alive.”

And they waited until the hour reached five

The janitor heard those screams.

Past the auditorium and down the halls

And those tears streamed from her face

Just like those water falls.

And they listened to the Tick and the Tock

Of the Principal's Clock.

“Ma’am we’ve checked every where

The police have to be called.”

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Evelyn Garrett's Page

This section will always be dedicated to you, Mother.
 I died when you died.
 I came back to life only because you asked me to.
The hands I touch millions of people with are yours.
The first and last poem will always be yours.


Subtraction Poem

They gave her a fifty percent chance to survive
I was one of the smartest kids in school
But unaware that math could be so cruel
I stayed up that night asking God
For one more percentage point or two
And if he couldn't give me that
I would even take a decimal or a fraction
But after all that praying God gave me a subtraction

They allowed me to stand by her bedside
Her skin had considerably darkened
She was connected to a feeding tube
Angels hid in the corner behind her flat line
Even if I was three years of age
I would have recognized those signs

Phrases like- "I want you to do well in school"
And "Mama's proud of you"
Were keywords for phrases like-
Your life is going to be fucked up
In ways you never thought possible
And in three months
You are going to be on a Greyhound bus
To the worst place you could ever imagine
And you'll never have a mother to cry to ever again
And your life will come to a crashing end

Mama died in the early morning
And that day I decided never again
To ask God for a decimal point
Not even for a fraction
And I might have done even better
If I had asked him for a subtraction


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